Java Wood Discs 25pk


Java Wood Discs 25pk

Java Wood Discs make perfect chewable foot toys or use them for crafting your own bird toys. Please note some have cracks which is normal for Java Wood.

It comes with pre-drilled holes and can be used with other toys like Coconut Shell Disks, Coconut Husk Chunks and Dummy Refills.

The Java Wood Discs are approximately  5 x 5cm and come in a pack of 25 pieces.

Suitable for all birds.

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Customer Reviews

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Karen Scott
Wood chips

My Alexandrines just love these colourful discs. They keep them happily occupied for ages.
Good value chewable/shreddable foot toys.
Will definitely buy again.

Java wood discs

Excellent product made toys for my feathered children

Claire Stevenson
A must have for birds who like to destroy everything.

These are great for foraging bowls, repairing and making new toys for my Alexandrine, Stan-Lee. He loves them, so will order more when we run out.

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