Western Australia and Tasmania Restrictions

Please note some products can not be sent to Western Australia and Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.
Please note buyers are responsible for duties, customs fees or fines issued. Queenslander Aviaries takes no responsibility for any charges relating to items seized or fines issued to the importer due to importing these products.

Prohibited Items Include:

Forage Gourmet Seed Blends

Forage Gourmet Pinecone Treats

Basic Seed Blends

Avian Delight Treat Bars

Sprouting Blends

Vetafarm Treat Bars

Sampler Packs

Foraging Material

Foraging Grass

Any other product containing seeds

See more about Western Australia’s restrictions:https://www.agric.wa.gov.au/importing-plant-and-plant-products/importing-seed-western-australia

See more about Tasmania restrictions:https://dpipwe.tas.gov.au/biosecurity-tasmania/biosecurity/importing-plants/prohibited-seeds

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