Sisal Flexi Perch Sisal Flexi Perch
Sisal Flexi Perch
from $16.99
New wingnut and washer end for a stronger hold. Made from bird-safe sisal rope with a wire centre for bending and shaping. Attaches to the bars on either end. Suitable for small to large birds, see sizing below. Please note wire may be exposed in packaging, simply bend to hide.
Sisal Rope Boing Sisal Rope Boing
Sisal Rope Boing
from $21.99
We have been searching for these for so long! Thick bird-safe sisal rope with a hook at the top and a bell at the bottom. It can be bent to any shape desired or left as a springy boing. Small - Suits Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Conures Medium - Suits Ringnecks, Conures, Lorikeets, Alexandrine, Caique, Galah, Eclectus Large - Suits Eclectus, Ringnecks, Galahs, Cockatoo, Amazons and Macaws.
Vet Wrap
Vet Wrap
Vet wrap is commonly used to add grip to smooth perches or when making PVC stands. 5cm wide. Colours picked at random.
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Jute Flexi Spiral
Jute Flexi Spiral
Flexible bouncy jute boing suitable for small to medium birds. It is made using a flexible wire covered in a bird-safe jute rope. It easily bends to make any shape you desire. Hangs from one end.
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