Hanging Sunflower Chew


Hanging Sunflower Chew

The Hanging Sunflower Chew is made from hanging slices of Sunflower Stalks that are perfect for shredding. It hangs from a sisal rope and can be attached to your birds cage. This is a wonderful chew toy to add to your birds rotation to help keep it entertained.

Sunflower stalk is a semi-soft wood so perfect for little beaks like Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Lorikeets and Quakers.

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Customer Reviews

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Jamie Dougall
My birds’ favourite

These chews are the best toy I have bought for my birds. I have 6 Lories that enjoy them so much. I have to replace the string with chain, as they chew that out very quickly. Everyday they are climbing and chewing on them.
My budgie has one too, and also loves it.

Kristin Flett

My Green Cheek Conure absolutely loves his sunflower chew.
It's soft so easy for him to chew.
Highly recommend

great entertainer

A a great natural soft toy which my parrotlet really enjoys, it provides lots of hours of entertainment!

Sunflower chew

My budgies LOVE this!!! A great chew toy to keep them busy.

Chantelle Baohm
Popular toy with my Conures

My conures loved this toy, they destroyed it very quickly however!

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