Apple Sticks Bundle 140g


Apple Sticks Bundle 140g

 Bundle of Apple Tree wood sticks suitable as a simple chew toy, adding to foraging trays or crafting your own bird toys.

Apple Tree wood can be hard to find so this product is seasonal. Approx 140g in each bundle. We like to rinse them off under cold water and let them dry before use.

Handy to have in your foraging supplies box! See also the Apple Stick Dangly.

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Customer Reviews

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Angela Nielsen

My birds had no interest in it.

Birds love it

My cockatiels love destroying sticks so these are perfect :)

Sandra Albertson
Apple sticks

My birds absolutely love these sticks. Also loved the star anise.
Thanks again for your swift attention to purchases

Apple stick bundles.

Great for chewing , adding to forage tray.

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