Acrylic Bird Stands Acrylic Bird Stands
Acrylic Bird Stands
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Great for tabletops or weaning cages for young birds learning how to perch. Made using easy-to-clean acrylic. Colours and attached toys are picked randomly. Available in three sizes. Small - Suitable for Budgies, Parrotlets, Lovebirds. Medium - Suitable for Cockatiels, Conures, Caiques, Lorikeet, Ringneck. Large - Suitable for Amazon, African-grey, Alexandrine.
Parrot Weaning Stands Parrot Weaning Stands
Parrot Weaning Stands
from $23.99
Low to the ground weaning stands are great for adding to brooders for young birds learning to perch. Also great for training. They are also adjustable in height. Available in two sizes, see sizing below. Colours are picked randomly.
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Java Parrot T Stand Java Parrot T Stand
Java Parrot T Stand
This sturdy Java Parrot T Stand by Ninos Java is made using natural Java wood and a pine base. Java wood is one of the toughest natural bird-safe woods available. Sustainably sourced, its natural curves and textures ensure your bird’s feet are well exercised and can even help keep nails short. These are nothing like the flimsy small ones. It comes apart in three pieces for easy storage or transport. Base size: 40cm x 40cm. Height: Approx 39cm. Perch thickness: 5-7cm. Perfect for large Parrots like Alexandrines, Eclectus, Amazons, Macaws, Galahs and Cockatoos. This is a natural product, so each stand will have unique individual thickness and texture.
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