Raw for Birds Freeze Dried Seasonal Chop


Raw for Birds Freeze Dried Seasonal Chop

A delicious blend of freeze-dried seasonal vegetables and fruit. Chop has smaller pieces than our Seasonal Vegie Blend and is perfect for fussy and small birds. Offer as a quick crunchy snack or rehydrate. Suitable for all birds. Each bag is approximately 25g

Our Freeze-dried blends are made in-house using locally sourced, human-grade ingredients, so you know exactly what your birds are eating. Great for camping or long trips away with your bird where fresh foods might not be available.

Studies have shown that freeze-dried foods often retain over 97% of the original fresh food’s nutrition, much more than other drying techniques (air-drying, heat-drying), which usually damage micronutrients. If properly stored, freeze-dried foods can last up to 25 years.

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Customer Reviews

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Winner Winner

My Charli (GCC) was always fussy with steak fruit and would not eat fresh veggies no matter what I offered but she just loves the freeze dried chop. She will bang her dishes and scream till I give her some in the morning

Stevie Marteene
Loves it!

Feathered one loves the freeze dried chop more than he does fresh! He prefers the greens in it over the veges in it but It’s good to know even if he is being stubborn that it will still give him what he needs!

Freeze dried seasonal chop

My bird is a very fussy eater but she loves this stuff not a fan of the beetroot ,pumpkin or chilli I think the pieces are to big but other then that it is fantastic

Kim Turner
Bird food

Absolutely amazing service

Raw for Birds

I love the variety and convenience while it introduces my birds to new things as they get their daily veggie intake!

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