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Mini Tini Microgreens Grow Kit Mini Tini Microgreens Grow Kit
Mini Tini Microgreens Grow Kit
These Mini Tini Microgreens Grow Kits are here to help you take the first step to offering your bird Microgreens!Suitable for beginners the kit includes everything you need to start growing Microgreens. You don't need a garden you don't need a green thumb. These Microgreen Kits are super easy to use and can be grown on your windowsill.Available in three different varieties - Alfalfa, Broccoli and Red Radish. Please ensure you follow directions included. We have added extra instructions and tips below.
Super Sprouter Jar Super Sprouter Jar
Super Sprouter Jar
The Super Sprouter Jar is specifically crafted to ensure the success of your sprouting endeavours. It creates an ideal environment for sprout growth, providing the perfect amount of water and drainage to promote healthy and robust sprouting.Made from environmentally friendly glass with a polypropylene cap, the Super Sprouter Germinator is free from harmful substances like cadmium, formaldehyde, and bisphenol A. It's a safe and sustainable choice for you and the environment.Whether you're a seasoned sprouter or a beginner, growing sprouts with this germinator is incredibly easy. It's designed for accessibility, ensuring that sprouting is hassle-free and enjoyable.Can be used with all Raw for Birds Sprouting and Soaking Blends.
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