Raw for Birds Floral Foraging Blend 20g


Raw for Birds Floral Foraging Blend 20g

Dried bird-safe flowers are rich in natural minerals, vitamins, carotenoids and antioxidants.

Can be added to bland seed blends, sprinkled over fresh chop or stuffed into foraging toys.

Suitable for all birds

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Customer Reviews

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Lauren Martin
Floral Foraging Blend

LOVE the floral foraging blend! I buy this item religiously every two weeks and use it for a few different activities. Its great for foraging toys and trays but I also wet it down for my birds to eat with their vegetable chop, which adds some nice variety to their diet. It also gets used in my budgies bathing fountain for a pampering session! My birds love this product, and I love how they smell after playing around in it. Absolute winner in my house!

Dharma ODaniels
Raw for birds floral foraging

It’s great.. Smells so nice.. I could make potpourri with it.. It’s good to be able to substitute the things they would eat in the wild.. I have two little finches and can’t find anything for them.. Thank you for providing the things they need..

Gaby Phillis

It smells really nice. Yoshi loves it.

Stephen Piscopo
My Electus enjoys the food..

Received my delivery the other day and it was well packed, pricing well about the same where i buy from another online supplier in Sydney but delivery even from Queensland was quicker.

My Princess Parrot loves the food blends I just purchased from Queensland Avaries.

My Princess parrot loves the floral foraging blend, forage gourmet small Parrot blend, raw for Birds Tropical treat and raw for birds chunky soaking blend. First time I have bought from here, but not the last. Finally found something the my picky eater likes. Thank you Queensland Avaries for looking after my Parrots Health

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